Our Mission

Florida plays an incredibly central part in what goes on in the world. Yes, I am loathe in some ways to admit it. But it does.

US politics is often determined by what happens in Florida. Not just in terms of elections; Florida is the quintessential “swing state” but it’s also something else. It’s nearly surrounded by water shared and accessed by tens of millions of people who live in other states and countries. How Florida treats the water around it is a big deal to the whole hemisphere.

There’s the whole climate change thing. Florida is a case study for what most of the rest of the coastal world can expect.

There’s the political grooming thing. Especially for Republicans, people who cut their teeth in Florida politics often find themselves on the national stage. Which frankly is terrifying.

There’s the way the economy is structured. If current trends keep up tourism will be what an increasing number of state economies rely on. Where are they gonna turn to learn how to do it? Florida.

So what? So, understanding what the hell is happening in this half-flooded sometimes hellscape sometimes paradise isn’t just nice. It’s essential, for understanding how the world is changing right now.

On Hanging Chad’s, Chad (and associates, maybe eventually) tries to break down Florida news and politics into digestible and less soggy chunks. Some people will call us lefties. Some people will call us corporatist. They might even use the n-word (neoliberal, obviously). But we will never be owned by, directed by, intimidated by, or otherwise influenced by any political party, interest group, consultancy firm, secret cabal of elites, or whatever else. And we make no apologies for that.

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