Oh look, Tim Canova is whining again.

We all remember Tim Canova, right? He was once a darling of progressives because he was considered a “real Democrat,” and for a while he had everyone fooled with that. He of course is most famous for challenging Debbie Wasserman Schultz in that cycle’s primary. Back then people were so down for him that Bernie Sanders was offering his supporters the opportunity to split donations between his campaign and Tim’s. That led to Canova raising more money from small donors than anyone else running for Congress as of August of that year. Despite losing the primary, the sheer amount of money Tim was able to raise would have secured him a future in the Democratic party and probably would have strengthened the party as a whole. That is, if Tim had stayed in the Democratic party. Or even stayed sane.

But, unlike Bernie Sanders, Tim didn’t take losing very well. Despite losing his 2016 primary by fourteen points, he remains adamant that the results of that election were somehow rigged. Now, despite all the enthusiasm for his bid, turnout wasn’t exactly high, so he sued the Broward county SOE, who we all know has her own problems, for destroying the 2016 primary ballots after only a year as opposed to twenty-two months as mandated by law. If I were him and I actually suspected foul play, I would of course have demanded to see the ballots sooner, but he was apparently content with waiting. And he even won his lawsuit, because the Broward SOE office accidentally but very definitely destroyed those primary ballots. It’s possible, granted a huge outside possibility, that upwards of 8,000 ballots that probably didn’t exist in the first place were destroyed, though it is far more likely, given that the outcome was nowhere near close and there was little to no reporting of rampant voter fraud in that particular race, that the ballots were lost due to incompetence and probably still exist in a filing cabinet somewhere (probably next to the one with all the Gore votes).

If this were Tim’s only instance of crazy, I’d give him a pass. Losing an election sucks, and there is every reason to believe the Broward people cannot count ballots no matter how they are designed. If Bernie Sanders still supported him, maybe I’d give Tim a pass. But Sanders hasn’t since last year, when he literally said “I have no idea about Tim Canova, I honestly don’t.” That about sums it up.

Maybe it was that dismissal, like a kiss from the Godfather, that finally sent Tim over the edge. This past spring he left the party, announcing it during an…interesting speech where he bashed the Broward Democratic party (fine, they kind of deserve it), before taking a sharp left turn into crazytown. “I have watched as my party has come to resemble a battered spousal relationship,” the progressive who seemed to care deeply about spousal abuse told an audience an April.

Between Sander’s dismissal and Tim’s departure from the Democratic party, the man just fell off the wagon. According to the Sun-Sentinel Canova started following and believing in a whole flock of discredited conspiracy theories: the Seth Rich murder, the idea that the whole Russian hacking thing is a false flag by the DNC, the idea that the 2016 primary was “rigged” (while DWS may have  rigged things if she needed to, she clearly didn’t need to, the primary wasn’t even close), and the idea that the DWS campaign hacked into his personal computer. Hos own supporters, most of whom are ardent progressive activists with deep ties to the local area, started to turn against him.

So it should be no surprise that Tim lost his 2018 race against DWS by an ever larger margin than he did in 2016. No surprise to anyone, that is, except for him. Now he wants to challenge those results as well and pile shame on Brenda Snipes, the state’s current target of opportunity.

Tim won about five percent of the vote this time around, to DWS’s 59 percent. Tim believes the only possible explanation for this must be DNC meddling and/or Brenda Snipes. Somehow. Really I think Tim just wants his face in the papers. He acts like he’s entitled to a seat in Congress, no matter what voters say.

Keep whining, Tim. Maybe someday you’ll get there.

Probably not though.


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